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My Paintings


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In the beginning

My interest in painting started "by accident". I was studying for my baccalaureat in Switzerland and had to choose between art or music. Art it was, since I'd always enjoyed drawing as a child.


We studied different eras and styles, and reached the Impressionist period. The title of our painting was "Reflection", which gave everyone a fair amount of freedom in choosing a subject they liked. I based my painting on a postcard of London. Because the feedback was positive I decided to start painting as a hobby.

Places - Human Environment


My first portrait was painted for pleasure and to try something different. It was based on a photo of an acquaintance published in a newspaper. Painting in black and white - or any colour and white - teaches you to focus on the features and details of a subject.

As people will certainly notice, "Reflection" is a recurring theme in my paintings. I can't really say why. I guess reflections  allow you to use the same colours throughout the painting, which I obviously enjoy.

Once my interest in painting was awoken I paid a bit more attention to its world. An artist who really caught my eye, and whose work I still love, is Turner. The paintings towards the end of his artistic life are simply amazing in my opinion. The predominance of Impressionism, as exemplified by Monet's work, as a style appreciated by many people led me to its discovery. It has probably helped me realize early on that paintings of reflections were something that appealed to me. Cezanne's work then introduced me to Cubism.

My knowledge of painting - styles and painters - is very limited. In general I can say that I like impressionism and cubism, but I could not elaborate much. It is the feeling I get from paintings that matters to me. I expect that at some point, when I have more time - i.e. once I am fed up with re-reading the Harry Potter books ;) - I will look more closely at the history of art. There is a lot of talent which deserves a better understanding of its origins.