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My Paintings


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Here are a few links to websites set up by my sister and mother to share their new lives and patchwork respectively. If anyone has suggestions to links that could be added, or would like a link to their site to be added, please contact me.

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My sister Fiona and her husband Patrick recently moved to Quebec to start a new life. They have built a fantastic website to share it with their friends or anyone interested in this beautiful area. Have a look and make up your own mind.

A Private Tour Of Quebec

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I am now the proud owner of the most beautiful nephew on earth. Justin was born on November 16 and will break many hearts, as you can check for yourself on his own website.

Justin Riedo

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My mother is an extremely talented woman. She has been making patchwork quilts for some years now and has decided to share her wonderful work with us on a website - which is not quite finished. We can all agree: the work is great - and no, I am not biased.

Elizabeth's patchwork

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